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Oud Organic Soap

Tangent GC

Tangent Handsoap is a perfumed, organic soap — crafted with pure vegetable oils. 

TGC101 OUD is generously wooden with resinous spikes. Their French made soap is prepared with natural ingredients only. Pure vegetable oils, lye, cellulose gum, salt and water. No colour, no preservatives, no petrochemicals. Once the soap is ready a selection of perfume oils is infused, one for each variety. All of the bottles are made of bioplastic, a plastic made of plants instead of oil. It binds more CO₂ than it releases viewed over the product’s life cycle. Their products are fossil free which means that they don’t use any petroleum or derivates from petroleum. Tangent doesn't want to add to dependence of oil. Or spread avoidable greenhouse gases for that matter. Cruelty free means that their products never have been tested on animals. And they never will be.

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