Marshmallow Crossbow


A fun, activity toy and enjoyable for nearly all ages. MMX has been developed as a projectile toy on a more refined scale. Its simplicity in design allows for extremely easy care in cleaning, maintenance, and parts replacement if necessary. Great fun at parties, camping, get togeters, and even just relaxing blowing off some steam shooting targets. It's all about safe lighthearted fun! Use indoors or out. Shoots up to 60 feet.  Good non-digital fun. Recommended for adults and children 12+ the MMX is a handmade slingshot designed for shooting fresh, slightly dry marshmallows in a safe, responsible manner.


Dimensions:  8.5" x 14" / 21.59cm x 35.56cm

Materials:  douglas fir, aluminum, walnut & elastic rubber shock cord

Handcrafted with pride in Vancouver, BC, Canada.