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Hot & Cold Eye Mask


Relax and calm your body and mind.

Thermal therapy and gentle pressure for natural, instant relief from eye strain, muscle tension, and stress after a long day.

Hot & Cold Eye Mask helps you relax your tired eyes, restore your face and calm your mind when you need a break. Disconnect and enjoy your "me time" in total comfort.


  • Use it hot or cold to alleviate a variety of ailments:
  • Cold use:
  • - Eyestrain
  • - Red eyes
  • - Eye irritation
  • - Swollen, puffy eyes:
  • Hot use:
  • - Dry eyes
  • - Migraines
  • - Tense facial muscles
  • - Swollen eyelids
  • Use the included protective cotton bag to microwave for wearable warmth, or keep it cool in the freezer with the included zippered EVA bag for an always-ready soothing cooling sensation.

Its natural clay bead core applies a gentle pressure while fitting your face blocking out any light, and it’s specially designed to keep your nose free of pressure for an ultra-comfortable unwinding experience.

 Designed by OstrichPillow.  

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