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Home Mist, by Homecoming


Based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Homecoming is a family-run business that specializes in elevated, non-toxic home goods designed for a life well lived.


    • SCENT NOTES: Cedar, Spearmint, Patchouli + Powder
    • MOOD: Refreshing, Soothing, Serene
    • Clean, clean, clean, and oh so invigorating. If you long for an extended stay at an outdoor spa, then look no further than our Peppermint + Eucalyptus mist.
    • This is the perfect addition to your self-care ritual, whether that be morning mediation or a soak in the tub.
    • SCENT NOTES: Citrus, Basil, Green Lilac, Ozone
    • MOOD: Bright, energized, focused
    • A crisp, bright lemon-forward room spray with notes of fresh herbs and botanicals. Lemon Rind + Honey is a year-round scent that’s inspired by the gentle buzz of spring – the mesmerizing culmination of flowers peeking open, golden drips of honey, and our natural surroundings coming back to life. Dazzling and incredibly fresh, Lemon Rind + Honey captures this vast display of natural wonder with notes of green lilac, garden herbs, and mountains of ripe Calabrian lemon, peel and all.
    • SCENT NOTES: Lavender, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Clove Bud, Palo Santo, Sage
    • The instantly recognizable scent of wild lavender is combined with warm sandalwood in our most soothing room spray yet. It’s calming, it’s comforting, but it’s far from common – Lavender + Sandalwood is delicate, sweet, woodsy, grounding, and complex, set apart by the inclusion of clove buds, palo santo, and dried sage. Proven to promote relaxation, the timeless scent of lavender remains one of the most powerful ways to invite calm into any space. 

Made in Vancouver, Canada

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