Hollow Tree Candles Library of Trees Collection


Inspired by the 800 year old landmark in Stanley Park, Vancouver - a Western Red Cedar tree - Hollow Tree was born. Each candle has a unique name and story - binding it to the particular series.

The Library of Trees Collection is inspired by the majestic Forests of the Pacific West Coast.

Hollow Tree scents are distilled in Grasse, France, the birthplace of scent. Each scent is inspired by the aromas of pacific northwest forests and hand-poured in a studio in Whistler, B.C. Using a proprietary blend of coconut wax and the finest cotton wicks, these candles have a burning time of up to 60 hours. Each candle is placed in a custom made ceramic container - designed to glow and represent life in The Pacific Northwest - Hollow Tree's muse. 

Old Major:  Sweet honey coats of rich musk and woodsy notes as they cast a warm golden glow.

Seedling:  Gilded shades of autumn tree leaves exhale a sigh of the sweetest blends of alpine honey and lemon zest.

The Lions:  A softly painted shimmering ashen spire of sun-baked birch woods reaches the night sky with floral swirls of bergamot and eucalyptus.

Materials:  Coconut wax, cotton wick, ceramic container

Burn up to 4 hours maximum per use.

Handcrafted in Whistler, BC by Hollow Tree Candles.