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Heat/ Cool bag


Warm it up and it will become the perfect companion while lounging on the couch or while sleeping tight with warm feet. Freeze it and it will become a safe pain relief.

With a recycled memory foam cover lined in a soft jersey fabric, hugging Heatbag creates an immediate sense of happiness and helps relieve stress.

Its unique composition of eight layers and two differentiated sides ensures that the heat is released slowly and focused on the desired spot, preventing you from getting burnt by cold or heat.

To heat simply place the clay bag in the microwave and heat it at 1000W for 55 seconds. Or simply in in a pot of water for 5 minutes. For cold effect, leave the clay bag in the freezer for at least 1 hour.


  • Measurements: 34,8 x 19,1 x 7,3 (cm) / L3,7 x 7,5 x 2,9 (in)
  • Composition: Natural clay, glycerin, water. Recycled foam, cotton and elastan, nylon
  • Certification: FDA and CE clay bag certification
  • Weight: 930g / 1,6lb


Designed in Spain, by Ostrichpillow

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