Harlow Candles


Born out of a personal need for good stuff.  Harlow is simple, whole ingredient, self-care for body and home.  Connecting you to your rituals through conscious alternatives.  


Fall Forever - An evening in, hot tea, wrapped in a cozy sweater.  Orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. 

Smoke - A warm night beneath the stars, watching flames from the fire dance into the sky.  Virginian cedarwood, frankincense and cardamom.

MountainBring the outside in. Ignite a mountain of himalayan cedarwood & fir tree essential oils in your space. Himalayan Cedarwood and Fir Tree.

Morning - Wake up with Spanish Lavender, lemon peel and Eucalyptus brightening all the corners of your space. Eucalyptus, French Lavender, Lemon Peel.

8 oz hand poured, eco-soy candle fashioned with a wood wick for aesthetic and a clean burn.

 ***To re-light wood wick simply break off charcoal bit and hold flame to fresh wood until it lights. 

Ingredients:  soy wax, essential oils & wood wick

Approximate burn time 50 hours.

Made in Vancouver, BC, Canada by normal, funny, down to earth people.