Great White North Travel Candles


Nick started Vancouver Candle Company to share his love of candles. In fact, he’s so passionate about his artistry, he proudly hand pours each and every candle in small batches, being sure to sign and number them for quality control.

Using traditional methods, these candles are made from premium soy wax blends, perfume-grade fragrance oils and 100% cotton wicks. Nick uses only the finest local, ethically-sourced materials, free of potentially harmful additives. Perhaps that’s why these candles burn clean and provide a rich, long-lasting fragrance that gently fills the room.

Available in West Coast, The North, Prairies, Great Lakes & Atlantic fragrances.

    • West Coast:  woodsy & sweet notes, fir, spruce & oak moss
    • The North:  musky & sweet notes, amber, arctic heather & moss
    • Prairies:  floral & herbal notes, wild rose, currant & sage
    • Great Lakes:  fresh & woodsy notes, sweet fern, blackberry & white oak
    • Atlantic:  floral & crisp notes, bergamot, lavender & violet
Volume:  6oz
Burn Time:  30 hours
Locally Made in Vancouver, BC by Vancouver Candle Company.