Mug, Curvy


We love our ceramics over at WALRUS, and the shape, size and aesthetic makes this a perfect mug. 

Heather has been throwing this shape for a few months now and loves the shorter, squat, curvy feel of this mug.  Nice for holding coffee or tea, this mug measures about 3.5" tall and holds about 10-12oz of liquid. 

These are wheel-thrown with a comfortable 2 finger hold from a pulled handle and then dipped in one glaze colour, in this case, a smooth matt glaze exterior, gloss white interior. 

Use and care: Hand-made = Hand-washing for long lasting returns.  Dishwashers often have a very hot drying cycle so it's not the best for hand-made pieces. 

c. Heather Dahl, 2018

Handmade in Vancouver, BC Canada