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Cross-Stitch Kit, Vancouver Special


Discover the essence of Vancouver’s iconic architecture with Vancouver Special—a tribute to the city’s rich heritage through cross-stitching. 

“The Vancouver Special is distinctive to Vancouver. It once represented possibility to first generation Canadians,” says Rowan.

“My project hopes to give you a little piece of Vancouver history for yourself. You may not be able to afford a Vancouver Special, but you can get cozy in your home and make this little project your own,” Rowan adds.

Raised in Vancouver, Rowan is an industrial designer who has always had a passion for creating things with her hands. “I’m most at peace when I’m cross-stitching, methodically stitching line by line. I love seeing an image slowly emerge, one pixel at a time.”

Join Rowan on her journey to celebrate Vancouver’s unique architectural legacy and pick up one of her cross stitch kits. These pieces are made in limited runs for the exhibit, 'Be Longing' by Vancouver Design Bureau, for WALRUS. 

Made in Vancouver, Canada

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