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Cheese Slicer


From cabinet maker to inventor.

Thor Bjørklund (1889 – 1975) was a cabinetmaker from Lillehammer. He had been thinking for a long time about how the cheese could be cut more neatly. The idea turned into a tool that was kinder to the cheese. The cheese grater was so unique that he patented it in 1925. This was the start of an industrial adventure and a Norwegian icon that is still alive and well, almost 100 years later.

Production is still ongoing in Gudbrandsdalen and under the name Bjørklund1925. Thor Bjørklund's cheese graters cut cheese all over the world to this day. 

Attempts have been made to automate the production of the cheese grater. This has so far not been successful without ending up with a completely different product. We have therefore chosen to continue the manual work processes, as a continuation and maintenance of the true craftsmanship. It is those who produce the cheese grater who are decisive for the result. We want to pass on the legacy of Thor Bjørklund to new generations.

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