Bracelet - Silver Tone Hook Leather


The Miansai silver tone hook leather bracelet features a silver tone hook clasp and a 100% nylon maritime rope cord. The simplicity of the wrapped construction comes from the slipknot loop at the end, letting you adjust the length to fit you perfectly. Once wrapped, the hook simply slips into the loop for a snug, secure closure that can still be adjusted to your liking.

At Miansai, when we say handmade, we mean it.  From drawing sketches to creating molds, melting metals and final assembly, every piece of jewelry the brand releases is conceptualized and created in-house.  The brand has over 30 skilled craftsman and artisans on staff who are fixated on quality and perfection, and genuinely love what they do.

Variations:  Available in brown, blue, navy, burgundy, black & grey 

Materials:  silver tone hook and 100% nylon maritime rope

Dimensions:  one size fits all, fully adjustable