Bow Ties


A scientist and a philosopher walk into a bar… 20 years later, after a variety of travel, fashion, and start-up experiences, they decided to launch Cursor & Thread: an accessories line that reflects the pair’s aesthetic, and attention to detail. 

After years of being in the industry in one way or another, we set out to create semi-casual accessories that were once considered everyday wear, but have since been reserved for formal occasions. Think cotton bow ties worn with an untucked shirt, or button in suspenders that spend as much time down as they do up.

All of our products and packaging are proudly handmade in the US or Canada in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients, by us or by other people you'd like. 

The Bike Bow Tie is made with our custom printed cotton and a lot of love. Handmade by people you'd like, the Bike Bow will quietly let the world know that you're a talented, conscious gentleman who clearly has good taste in accessories and modes of transport. (Note: Do not attempt to tie bowtie while operating a bicycle... or do, but please send us the video.)

The Akihibara Japanese Cotton Bow Tie was made in Canada by people you'd like. A pristine fabric such as this, demands attention to detail and we felt like we were up to the task. Whether you're walking the streets for electronics or just trying to be part of the scene, The Akihabara will stand out. 

The Henry Chambray Polka Dot Bow Tie uses materials of the highest quality from the fabric right down to the hardware. As a result, it should only be worn by humans of the same caliber (if you happen to know a Henry that's an extra incentive).

The Plaid Oxford Bow Tie is a gentleman's accessory, whether you're proudly heading into New College, or running down Barton Lane to pick up the chutney for your mother. These are made in Canada (by people you'd like), and will be the talk of the town... who doesn't like a grey plaid?

These are self-tie bow ties, however they come tied, and are adjustable. Leave it as is, or there are tying instructions on the box, and the truth is it's easy to learn, and once you do, you can practically put it on your CV.

We hope you like compliments.

Designed by Cursor & Thread, Vancouver, BC, Canada.