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'Bonhomie' Candle, by Brand & Iron


The Laconic Collection: ‘Just as the impact of an intentionally chosen word is undeniable, a carefully crafted scent can also convey emotion and set an entire mood. Light this candle, invoke or create a memory, strike up a thoughtful collection.’

Brand & Iron exclusively uses soy wax for their candles as it is the best option on the market for clean burning candles.

Their candles are scented using sustainably sourced ingredients. Due to this, they will occasionally use high end perfumery oils in order to avoid utilizing fragrance ingredients that do not comply with our sustainability efforts.

All of the ingredients used in these products are naturally derived, non-carcenogenic, free from parabens and animal based ingredients making them 100% vegan friendly.


  • Bonhomie: 'Frank and Simple Goodheartedness'. Amber, Cedar and Mandarin.
  • Ceramic vessel
  • 9oz
  • Burn time 50+ hours


Made in Vancouver, Canada

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