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Crosscut Serving Boards

Boards by Joel

Circular sections of wood have a reputation for cracking, but after much experimentation Joel found a way to slowly cure the wood to prevent this from happening. He was able to successfully dry, sand, and finish the wood into beautiful and durable boards.

Over 30 years later, the company is still a small, family-owned business with only one man doing most of the work himself and only producing as much as they are able to.

The boards are one piece, just the way nature grew them, with no glue joints to separate. They are sealed with a tough, penetrating, moisture resistant finish, which is safe for food and brings out the natural wood grain. 


  • Materials:  Ash, Butternut, Hickory or Maple Woods
  • Variations: Available in 2 sizes (10" and 12")
  • Please note, due to the nature of this product, colour, grain and size may vary slightly.  

Minnesota, USA

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