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Anto Yukon Soaps


Anto combines enchanting contemporary artwork with first-rate, small-batch bath products that will transform an ordinary moment into an instant of functional beauty.


  • 4oz bar
  • All soaps use all natural ingredients, colourants, and essential oils
  • Handmade and cured in their northern Canadian studio located in Yukon Territory.
  • Clayoquot Sound smells reminiscent of the forests of British Columbia with notes of cedar, patchouli, and bergamot.
  • Wild Rose soap is made with wild harvested rosehip tea. Rosehip powder is also added, giving this bar a huge kick of vitamin C ~ excellent for your skin. 
  • Log Cabin, named after the historic location of log cabin on the white pass railroad route connecting Skagway to Yukon, is scented with pine and fir. This is an exfoliating soap containing coffee grains to scrub away dead skin and tough dirt.
  • Cypress Hillsis scented with cypress, grapefruit, and lime.


Handmade in traditional territories of Yukon First Nations

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