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10 Minute Incense Stick, Small Box


The brand name hibi means ‘day to day’, or daily, in Japanese. It was given with the hope that you would keep it around you every day and freely enjoy its fragrance, matching each day’s mood or occasion.

Light the match by striking it, and entrust yourself to the natural fragrance rising in the air. Hibi is an incense stick you can light easily without a lighting device. The incense of Awaji Island and matches of Harima. Born from the encounter of two of Hyogo prefecture’s traditional crafts.

Available in Geranium, Yuzu, Sandalwood, Lemongrass and Japanese Cypress fragrances.

Yuzu:  A refreshing citrus aroma diffusing crisp fragrances under the wintry sky. 

Geranium:  A fragrance that blends the sweetness of a rose with a green note. For the times when you want to restore the balance of an insecure spirit. Ideal for warming and relaxing the mind and body numb with cold.

Sandalwood:  A fragrance that brings you to another world with mysteriously profound sweetness. Ideal for eliminating tensions and reflecting on your inner self.

Lemongrass:  The sweet and sour/bittersweet scent of lemon and something that reminds you of a green meadow are freshness itself. For the times when you want to restore and refresh yourself.

Japanese Cypress:  A fragrance of trees enveloping your mind with a nostalgic serenity. Ideal for soothing a restless mind and getting back clear thoughts.

The box contains includes 8 Incense Sticks and a mat for the sticks. 

Crafted by Hibi, Japan.

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