Lady Anne Coffee Pot


Ohhhh, this is a favourite. Made in Italy and one of our favourite ways to make coffee. Lady Anne is elegant, sturdy and lovely...

Lady Anne is the new 4 cups coffee maker; drawing its inspiration from the silver coffee sets of the18th century, it is a highly functional tool to make coffee, a highly refined way to serve it.

Made in Italy.


  • Diameter: 4.1" / 10.5 cm
  • Height: 7.7" / 19.5 cm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Functions: coffee pot
  • Designer: Lara Caffi
  • 4 cups

How to make coffee with Lady Anne

Fill the heater (1) with ambient temperature water up to the level of the safety valve (2), do not exceed it. Insert the funnel filter (3) into the heater (1) and fill it completely with coffee powder in a uniform way; do not press the coffee powder and make sure it doesn’t reach the coffee maker’s edge. Screw the upper part (6) on the heater (1) unit and make sure the coffee lid (8) is properly closed before use. Put the coffee maker on the burner and keep the flame low. Once the upper part is full of coffee remove the coffee maker from the burner.