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Dalina Gold & Glass Bracelets


Molly Ocean Patterson is a Saskatchewan born Métis artisan/craftswoman. Recently, she moved back home with her wife and 'model in residence,' Sofía, to transition to quieter life of crafts, gardening, and family making (cats included).

Her designs are influenced by different life experiences along her travels, and her interests in Folklore, Mythology and Pictorial Arts.

In case you wanted this design to show off your wrists instead, here's an arm candy set for you!

Fairly lightweight pieces, each beaded line sitting loosely, joined at the ends with brick stitching, and a delicate 14 KT gold filled chain and lobster clasp that allows it to be adjustable.


  • 1.5 cm wide by 15 cm - 21 cm adjustable length, and 4.6 grams.
  • Materials: Japanese glass beads of different finishes, nylon thread, and 14 KT gold filled chain and lobster clasp.
  • Elin (dark) variant colours: onyx, vanilla, amber, glazed translucent, sonata blue, blue aventurine, matte black, ochre, toffee, tawny orange, and pastel aqua.
  • Elina (light) variant colours: vanilla, tan, glazed translucent, tawny orange, ochre, amber, translucent pale mauve, velvety peach coral, creamy beige, black, and ivory cream.
  • * Model's wrist is 14 cm wide.

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