Squid Ink Ceramic Vase


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Our love affair for ceramics continue with Kat Pino's 'Squid Ink' collection. This vase can be used not only for flowers, but kitchen tools or, stand beautiful on its own. 

Playing a risky game with a runny glaze. Used on a white firing stoneware, Squid Ink is a mixture of black and cobalt blue oxides and underglazes, splattered on a slightly runny satin white glaze, which pulls the splatters down during firing. The result is a squid ink like pattern on a “snowflaky’ and silky satin white body.

Use and care: All products are food and dishwasher safe, however, hand washing is recommended.

All products are handmade and are subject to minor ‘imperfections’ and variations in finish and sizing. This is a characteristic of all handmade products and are not considered flaws or defects.

LARGE  ø 7 cm x h 20 cm

MEDIUM ø 7 cm x h 16.5 cm

SMALL ø 7 cm x h 12.7 cm


Vancouver, BC  Canada 

*photos are owned by WALRUS and are subject to Copyright