Body Balm Skincare


Effortless, dependable + comfortable, the white cotton underwear of your skincare routine.  We go from day to night effortlessly.  Born out of a personal need for thoughtfully + aesthetically designed, natural + organic self care goods.

Plant parts to potion we've designed our products to fit perfectly within your rituals morning, night + in between, uncomplicated yet intricately complex in their design.


We read product packages + hope you do too!  Our ingredient lists are short, under 12 to be exact.  We use only pure, whole + natural ingredients(no greenwashing here kids).  We source from social enterprises like Hives for Humanity  + strive to educate on skin health + general wellness. We know that skincare is only half the battle + encourage you to get to know your bodies, they are amazing machines.  Your lifestyle is your skincare, Harlow is your base layer. 

Nourishing body balms are created with whole ingredients without the use of preservatives or fillers.  Apply as desired for silky smooth, hydrated skin.  Not specifically designed for use on face so we don’t recommend it.

Available in 3 fragrances:

Wild Heart - Delicate flora with aromas of jasmine, geranium + lemon peel. Perfectly rich + skin quenching.  Apply liberally, anywhere, anytime.

Boheme - Exotic + sensual with aromas of palo santo, sweet citrus + chamomile.  Perfectly rich + skin quenching.  Apply liberally, anywhere, anytime.

Daydream - Sultry + calming with aromas of French lavender, bergamot + sweet orange.  Perfectly rich + skin quenching.  Apply liberally, anywhere, anytime.

Volume:  100 grams, 3.5 ounces

Made by Harlow in Vancouver, BC by normal, funny, down to earth people.