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Obakki, What Makes You Happy, Silk Scarf


Through your purchase, the Obakki Foundation is able to provide food, education, medical support and housing for the children of St. Valentines Orphanage.

The Obakki Foundation Founder, asked these children three questions: What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes you afraid? Their answers are as illuminating as they are heartbreaking. In addition to things that make most children happy - like cake and superheroes - the kids of St. Valentines also find joy in a book, because in Cameroon getting an education is a privilege rather than a right. Many kids are afraid of snakes, but these children are equally scared of mosquitoes because they carry deadly disease. Despite the many differences formed by their experiences as orphans in Africa, these children ultimately want what every child wants, regardless of their circumstances - to feel safe, acknowledged and loved.

What Makes You Happy? The Obakki Foundation Scarf is printed with a graphic pattern that contain their answers in words.

 In buying this scarf, you've invested in a brighter future for kids in Cameroon. 100% of the net proceeds goes towards their projects. Your purchase provides food, education, medical care and housing to the children of St. Valentines Orphanage.

Each scarf comes beautifully packaged in a branded bag with a numbered card detailing which village your scarf is supporting. 


  • 100% washed double faced silk
  • Dimensions - 130 cm x 130 cm
Vancouver, BC   Canada 
*photos are owned by WALRUS and are subject to Copyright 

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