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Palo Santo


'Sacha' means tree...

Keeping with the indigenous Quechua traditions, sacha is harvested from naturally felled trees, only after the sacha has lived its full life cycle, died and spent years dormant on the forest floor absorbing valuable energies and essential oils.


  • Carefully light the tip of the Palo Santo stick with a lighter, match, or candle flame. The flame can sometimes grow quite large, so be sure to hold it away from your hair, loose clothing, or any other flammable items.
  • Once the tip of the stick has ignited and maintains its own flame, hold the stick at an angle to focus the flame on the tip. This limits the flame from igniting the entire stick.
  • (45° degrees is our suggested burn angle for most sticks, however each individual stick burns differently. Please use your best judgement to distinguish the right angle for each burn.)
  • Once your stick tip develops an ember and begins to blacken, wave it back and forth vigorously to extinguish the flame. Do not blow. 
  • All sacha is gathered and prepared by their local Peruvian harvester. One harvester follows the Pachamama Raymi program; 1 tree harvested = 1 tree planted.
  • ‘Ethically harvested’ means that all sacha is gathered, not forested. It means all of our sacha is handled by loving hands, not machines. And it means havesters follow traditional methods, not modern. After wood is harvested, it is cut into pieces, blessed by the Shamans, and shipped.



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