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Organic Soap

Tangent GC

Organic care for the precious. Tangent Garment Care (GC) specializes in eco-friendly garment and shoe care made from carefully selected organic ingredients.

Tangent Handsoap is a perfumed, organic soap — crafted with pure vegetable oils. 

TGC106 TULIP Imagine if you will the freshly harvested bouquet: Still cool from outdoors, with close-fitting petals and watery stalks that make a slight squeaking sound when handled. This is our tulip perfume, floral yet cautious. As if it is keeping watch over its promise.

TGC110 Kiyomi  Back in 1949, Japanese plantsmen developed a new kind of hybrid orange. Their experimental orchard lay near the Kiyomi-gata lagoon – hence the name. This citrus fruit is sweeter than the common orange. It is happy – and a bit more refined, as well.

TGC101 OUD is generously wooden with resinous spikes. Our French made soap is prepared with natural ingredients only. Pure vegetable oils, lye, cellulose gum, salt and water. No colour, no preservatives, no petrochemicals. Once the soap is ready a selection of perfume oils is infused, one for each variety.

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