and since it's getting harder and harder to wake up on these cold, dark mornings...why not have an alarm clock that is good looking to wake up to?

and if looks aren't enough for you, the 'bell' alarm clock has a louder ring than most...old school fire bell loud. that should get you hopping out of bed!

and if that's too harsh, what about this sleek bedside companion?

'a great company for your trip.' or home,  'this project came about from the plain frustration of trying to set a digital alarm clock for travelling.  as the time and alarm are displayed seperately, you can set the time very simply with using the button appeared on the top.  thanks for its minimal body, you can easily take them to your trip as an excellent company.'

i don't know about you, but i like rolling over to something handsome, laid back and dependable. 

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