meet U/C/K - Utility, Camp, Kitchen.

"Utility, camp, kitchen. This little knife is made to be a do-all companion; at the picnic table cutting cheese, making shavings to start a campfire, sharpening a pencil, or in the kitchen chopping garlic.

The U.C.K. comes with a sheath that can be worn on your belt, hung on your kitchen wall, or snapped closed and tucked in your pack. The stainless steel blade will hold a beautiful edge and is made here at Hawthorne."

who is the brainchild behind this beautiful piece?

"Hawthorne is dedicated to designing and sourcing long wearing goods, tools and accessories for outdoors enthusiasts and semi-nomadic urbanites. We hope to provide products that are equally at home on your commute to work as on your next hike along a wind blasted rocky coastline." - designed and made in vancouver by our very own Joshua Doherty.


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