opening reception. thursday, june 17th
6pm - 9pm


"I have been creating art since I was five. At twelve, my walls became my canvas when I painted my room in oil paints. In university, my favorite project was building a human-sized bird’s nest…a subject that continues to inspire me for its beauty, fragility and strength. I have also created textiles for the interior design industry and worked as a commercial illustrator.

I am always refining my technique –layering different materials, seeing how they interact and complement one another, experimenting with the balance of colour and space. I apply layers of acrylics, oil stick, charcoal, vellum, glass paint and high gloss resin to the canvas. And, because I studied communications as well as visual arts, I like to infuse the written word into my paintings, using text and phrases in a cheeky manner to lend texture and levity to the work.

The result is an indulgent mix of texture, colour and cloaked messages, balanced and unusual.  The effect, hopefully, is evocative and playful."

we hope to see you here! 

xo caroline and daniel

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