upside down planter? why not? April 25 2010

Founders Jake and Patrick have set out to be leaders in innovative gardening products.

They intend to transform the way people enjoy plants in their living environments; no longer satisfied with having plants relegated to the remote corners of a room, they have elevated them into stunning interior features...

so, we come across good design like this a lot, and ask ourselves - sure, they have an award-winning design, sure, they are turning heads in the world of design and architecture, they work?  here's their deal:

  • Conserve water - Reduce your watering of household plants by up to 80%
  • Purify your air - Breath fresh naturally filtered air
  • Save your time and save your plants - Refill the self-watering planter (has a terracotta water reservoir on top!)
  • Save floor space - A practical planting solution for modern living areas where space can be limited
  • Transform your view of nature - Look up and enjoy the beauty of nature...  
  • Available in white in 3 sizes and 2 types of ceiling attachments (black only available in large size)

"It is our belief that living spaces should be as beautiful and tranquil as a forest glade. But how do you bring more greenery into your home without cluttering your floor-space? Look up."
it's our belief too Jake and Patrick, so thank you. 
p.s. be a good child and think 'perfect mother's day gift' (only 2 weeks away)