this is our second shipment, the first one 'flew'out the door...

these beautifully handcrafted bird houses and feeders are made one at a time in their New York Studio.  they are self-professed dreamers and explorers who create products to fit in harmony with the environment. 

here at walrus, we're easily seduced by the aesthetic of a beautifully designed object, but functionality and quality also have to play a we ask, do they really work?  why yes, they do.  even Fortune Magazine awarded them '25 best products' back in 2004.   

easy to use - suspended by a vinyl coated wire, it holds eight cups of bird food. bird food dispenses from the egg into the base and birds eat from the base until the egg is empty.

beautiful & durable - the glossy ceramic earthenware egg and aluminum assembly are perfect for the extremes of outdoor weather. the aluminum base, poles and vinyl coated hanging wire are rust resistant. the base has four small drainage holes to prevent water accumulation in bird food.

gray squirrel proof - the egg shaped surface of the egg bird feeder deters gray squirrels. gray squirrels will not be able to eat from the feeder if it is hung at least three feet away from surrounding surfaces. squirrels simply can't hold onto the surface of the egg and the base is not large enough to support them.

easy to use - the houses have a 2" diameter clean out hole with an aluminum bottom that is easily removed for quick clean out. the aluminum bottom has four ventilation/drainage holes that provide birds fresh air and keep them dry.

beautiful & durable- same as the feeders!

predator proof - the glossy ceramic egg shaped surface of the egg bird house and its removable aluminum perch deter predators from entering during nesting season.

now this is good design.  thank you Jim. 

p.s. see them installed with other bird houses at the museum of vancouver for their exhibition 'Home Grown: Local Sustainable Food - opening night, august 25th

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