"Since 1913, the Stanley brand has been building durable, rugged products that last. Passed down from generation to generation, the Stanley® vacuum bottle is an icon. It has survived a 4,000 foot drop from a plane, been run over by a tractor and has even stopped a bullet. Now in its 96th year, the innovation that sparked a revolution in vacuum insulation continues to grow. Today, we deliver superior food and beverage gear for rugged, active lifestyles and remain dedicated to this simple promise: Buy Stanley® products, get quality gear. Built for life."

and i love real life stories too...

"ran over it with a D9 CAT dozer.  Still works great" or, "Grandpa and Dad retired from the mines, but not their Stanley bottle" and this one's a favourite "Flat tire. No jack. No problem.  I used my Stanley bottle".

Stanley Thermoses, Stanley Cup - perfect combination.
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