the holiday marathon that is.  (let's face it, it's about the only marathon you'll see us running!)

we can't think of a better way to start it off than with one of our new favourites...

we deal with a lot of different vendors, and lots of them we love, but angela sands kicks it up a notch.  a big notch.  as we began to open up our shipment, each layer seemed to get better and better.  the packaging, the inside packaging, the enclosed story, and then....the candle.  this is no ordinary candle people....

infused with essential oils, these candles smell so pure and clean.  you want to know what makes them extra special?  a wooden wick and the vessel it comes in, becomes a beautiful food safe bowl.  i told you she kicks it up a notch.  

'the wax is 100% renewable, sustainable soy sourced from soybean farmers in the USA. Each vessel is crafted locally by porcelain artisans in a waste-free studio, and our high-quality fragrances are phthalate-free. Total that up and you’ve got one very green, very awesome operation.'  

we warn you, these are available in limited quantities until after the holidays.  

thank you angela, for loving what you do so much.  it shows.  

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