it's not often we receive a package with a sweet and personalized handwritten note introducing their work.  we're glad they did...

"a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on creating innovative products by merging new technologies with natural materials and contemporary aesthetics. A true northwest collective, each designer utilizes their unique skill set in constructing furniture, housewares, and personal accessories that illustrate and enhance an imaginative yet uncomplicated lifestyle." music to my ears '...enhance an imaginative yet uncomplicated lifestyle'.  yes please.

photo credit:  Kyle Johnson ( )

"About Laser Nature: Abandoning convention, we have set off to build our own myths. Each piece of the laser nature collection tells a story through imagery from Native American culture, folklore, and black magic. A limited edition of 100 are being created, hand crafted from walnut, pearl, abalone, and re-purposed leather."

welcome ladies it's a pleasure to have you.

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