New // Q&Q Smile Solar Watches October 29 2015

Q & Q Smile Solar Watches

Looking for ways to be more environmentally-friendly? How about never having to deal with replacing watch batteries ever again? If either of these caught your attention, we highly recommend you check out these new solar-powered, water resistant watches made using recycled materials. 

High quality and high design, Q & Q bring modern watches in fun colours and prints that make them very popular amongst men and women.  With every purchase of a Q&Q watch, a portion of the proceeds is donated to TABLE FOR TWO, a foundation that delivers school meals to children in Africa and Asia. 

Smile Solar Series // 40mm // 5 bar water resistant


Smile Solar Mini // 32mm // 10 bar water resistant 


 ps. this weekend is daylight savings so don't forget to change your clocks back one hour- enjoy one extra hour of sleep!

Swiss Love September 21 2015

Showing our Swiss side (Daniel) some love by introducing a couple of new Swiss-designed and made products. With high reputations to uphold, both products are made with impeccable quality, design, and precision. 

Caran d'Ache 

As one of the only Swiss writing and drawing instrument manufacturers, this company ensures the highest quality and writing flow in a large selection of ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, amongst other tools. In store, we carry the 849 style in a variety of colours, with and without the ultraslim holder cases. Starting at $30

849 Popline Ballpoint Pens 

849 Brut Rose Ballpoint Pen, With Holder $65


Featuring simple designs, easy-to-read faces, and distinctive hands, these watches are made with punctuality and precision. The original watches are heavily influenced by Swiss Federal Railway clocks which can be compared to the pristine and punctual look of the large selection of watches. If you're looking for classic, simple timepieces, these are definitely worth taking a look at. 

Helvetica No. 1 Light // 38mm, gold-plated case, $602

Helvetica No. 1 Regular // 40mm, stainless steel polished case, $575

Helvetica No. 1 Regular // 40mm, stainless steel polished case, $575