Spirals, twists and zigzags - Oh my! October 22 2014

A new collection from one of our favourite jewelry designers has just arrived and oh boy am I excited to tell the world about it!


First off, let me tell you how it all begins. In the words of Carl Sagan, "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."

Maybe we don't need to go that far back, but hk+np have a really interesting story. Hiroko Kobayashi (hk) and (+) Neil Prakash (np) met in 2005 while apprenticing in Vancouver at the office of Nick Milkovich Architects Inc. Hiroko graduated from the architectural program at Nihon University in Tokyo which she followed with an internship in the office of Kengo Kuma & Associates Architects. Neil is a registered architect with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and a graduate of the architectural program at the University of Manitoba. The two fell in love and eventually, into business together. 


hk+np, an architectural jewelry design studio, pulls inspiration from the same principles that influence their architecture. 

"Architecture for us is about the dignified composition of material, light, space, and rhythm. Our jewelry is an attempt to express and explore these elements in silver. We strive to create pieces that are understated and timeless. We emphasize design integrity and exemplary hand crafted quality as integral aspects to our work."

Each piece is made from .925 sterling silver, and each series of jewelry they produce focuses on minimalist and classic forms. To top it off, the seem to breathe poetry into everything they do, as seen in this blog post about their Infinity series. 

"As a happy coincidence, both of our mother’s were born on the same day. We designed the infinity pendant to mark the occasion this year. The idea for the infinity series arose while gazing over English Bay towards the horizon. For us, the horizon extends beyond the bounds of our imagination, as limitless as the night sky. At night, over these waters, the moon peaks out from behind the city to illuminate the bay. All of the phases on full display replacing the memories of the lunar calendar that hung on Hiroko’s wall when she was little. While the idea of infinity arrives through our imagination of places beyond the horizon, the lunar series unites the present with our reflections on remembered things."

We can't contain our fondness of this couple's work. They have an amazing attention to detail that begins with multiple models of each potential piece, before finally sending the final decision to a small metal-working business in Niigata, Japan. Niigata is known for their exceptional metal work and the craftsmen that create their jewelry are no exception. All of their jewelry is hand cast and finished to perfection.

We currently have select stock from their Infinity, Lunar, Q, Twist and Zig Zag series as well as their newest collection - Spiral. They offer three different finishes in certain pieces: Mirror (polished, high gloss), Matte (honed, non-reflective, micro-bead blast application), and scratch (satina, texturing technique consisting of a series of tiny parallel lines). These pieces are truly works of art and a timeless addition to anyone's jewelry collection.




 hk+np jewelry from left to right:

Infinity pendant - $230

Twist pendant - $170

Twist bangle - $300-$330

Spiral pendant - $240

Spiral earrings - $280

Zig Zag earrings - $300

Twist earrings - $180

Q ring - $200

Lunar earrings - $280

 If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 

Jolly Jewellry December 18 2013

Christmas is only 7 more days away and we get that it's crunch time! We're happy to (if you haven't met already) introduce you to some of our popular and thoughtful jewellry lines:


Casing Rope Bracelet - Miansai
(olive green, red, grey, navy)

$75 - 95
Anchor and Leather Bracelet - Miansai
(gold and silver anchors
with a red, grey, black, white, blue or brown strap)

Arrow Bracelets - PeaceBOMB

PeaceBOMB Bracelets
(various colors with plain silver piece)

Each bracelet is a narrative about war and peace; destruction and reconstruction. The fragmentation of bombs has been transformed into bracelets that serve as reminders of their own stories. Each purchase contributes income to a farmer-artisan household. Donations from sales also help to fund the locally managed Village Development Fund as well as another fund co-managed by RISE and  ARTICLE 22.

What's Your Resolution? Bracelets - PeaceBOMB

Also brought to you by ARTICLE 22, you are invited to write and wear your new year resolutions. All bracelets are made from Vietnam War bombs. These bracelets are perfect for a delicate splash of color or for stacking.

Anchor Necklace - Miansai
(SOLD OUT of gold; rose gold available. Silver available at  $112.00)

Hook Necklace - Mianasi
(gold, and rose gold available. Silver available at $112.00)

$140.00 - 202.00
Various - Pyrrha

Sterling Silver and Bronze pendants, all made in Vancouver,
represent your most valued reminders or charms in these precious talismans.
Lots of other options are currently in store. Come on in and visit, we'll send you away with the perfect little package!