New Jewelry in Shop March 02 2017

We are stocked up on some lovely new Leah Alexandra and Foe & Dear jewelry! Elegant and simple earring studs, necklaces and rings. Both lines are Vancouver made - designed and handcrafted - and proudly homed around the world.

Leah Alexandra jewels come in an arrangement of sterling silver, 14k goldfill, 24k gold vermeil, and hand-selected gemstones and freshwater pearls. 

Prong studs // labradorite + silver, lavender + gold plated $115

Spark studs // black onyx + gold plated $70

Petite Prong studs // white topaz + rose gold plated $83, labradorite + gold plate $92

Foe & Dear products are made from a range of sterling silver, 14k gold, opals, Herkimer diamonds, druzies, and freshwater pearls. 

Studs // opal tear + silver, Herkimer diamond + silver $100

Stacking rings // opal tear + silver $125, Herkimer diamond + silver $65

Necklaces // opal tear + silver $160, Herkimer diamond + silver $140

Due to natural minerals and gems used, no two pieces are alike. 
Slight variations in stone colour, tonality, and shape create a unique individuality to each, which we cherish! Come by to see in person for more jewelry not pictured + these photos don't do the precious jewels justice.

Moorigin July 27 2015

New Moorigin stock has arrived! These stainless steel necklaces and earrings are laser cut in Taiwan and crafted with the utmost precision. The company hopes to create products that reflect the timeless beauty, simplicity, and innocence of nature. These accessories make for a beautiful gift or addition to an outfit and we have so many different pieces that are suitable for a variety of styles. Here are only a few of the beautiful selection that we carry in store. Available in black or silver // Starting at $48


Skeleton Leaf // Pine


Leaf // 2 Sassagrass


Sassagrass (Large) // Stone


Leafy // Bright


Gingko // 3 Sassagrass


Dahlia // Soft (Large)


For The Little Ones July 13 2015

We've received a few new items to keep the youngin's entertained during the summer. All these items are baby-safe and a lovely addition to the home. 

brikHOUSE // Silicone teething necklaces 

Made of high quality 100% food-grade silicone, free of BPA, toxins, latex, lead, PVC, phthalate, and FDA approved. These are intended for adult wear and are safe for a child to grab onto. The necklaces also feature a breakaway safety clasp so that it would release if a child were to pull on them too hard. Made in Vancouver.

These beautiful necklaces are fun pieces of jewelry to add to your wardrobe even if there aren't any children around. $27


Seoul // New York 


The Hamptons // Bali  

Simply Read // Sara O'Leary Stories

This trilogy follows curious little Henry as he asks his parents questions about the big world. Accompanied with lovely illustrations by Julie Morstad, these picture books tell heart-warming stories of youth and family. $18.95



Modern Twist // Mark Mats

These placemats brings art to the table by providing children with a place to be creative and explore their inner artist. The mats are made from silky food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone so that they won't crease or rip. They are free of BPA, lead, latex, phthalates and other harsh chemicals and are a an eco-friendly alternative to paper. 

The local markets mat is a new addition to our collection of New York and Paris. $29.50