Embracing Coziness October 16 2014

There's nothing like looking at pumpkins to get you ready for the season. Well, maybe not staring directly at them, but remembering everything that surrounds the appearance of the almighty pumpkin definitely excites me, and I'm not talking about PSLs (is that a dictionary term yet?).

Yes, Vancouver has finally settled into the cooler weather and the colourful leaves of fall are swirling around us. Here at Walrus we're thinking of different ways to get cozy and warm and personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than being in a state of coziness. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone with a larger cardigan and silk scarf collection as myself. OK, Prince probably has more silk scarves than I do, but I digress. I'd like to paint you a picture, a picture of Walrus-themed autumnal warmth (out of words, I am no artist). So sit back and grab a coworker/friend/stranger passing by to read this for you so you can close your eyes and really get into it. I won't judge if you peek at the photos though.


Crunch, crunch, crunch. The evening is slowly setting in and you're walking up to your fabulous home after work. The wet leaves at your feet release an earthy fragrance that begins to untangle the stress of the day behind you. You walk into your house and kick off your Fitzsimmons Native shoes. It's so great how dry they keep your feet, plus the inner lining is so comfortable.

As you put your things down, you look around and realize that someone has cleaned up! What?! You try to remember if maybe it was just you but no, someone has taken the initiative to make tidy up for you. Not only that, but the angel who cleaned for you is also an expert baker and left a sheet of cookies out to cool (score!). You pick one up and bite into it - still warm. This is your chance, the perfect moment to 'coze out'. You run to your room and change into the most comfortable outfit you own (silk pajamas? That basketball tshirt with the hole in it?). You slip into your Glerup slippers and it feels as if hundreds of little sheep are hugging your foot. You then think back to the story of Nanny Glerup on her farm in Denmark, toiling over the perfect pair of slippers - then to her family,  supporting her and helping her create a successful family business. It's amazing that the natural wool is antibacterial, water resistant, and able to produce five times the heat of any other textile fabric when in contact with moisture. It's for that reason that they work so well with bare feet. You stare down at your toes lovingly. 

You head to the kitchen to grab a glass of wine and some cookies, then to the living room to grab a book. You flop down on your couch and grab your favourite animal pillow from Areaware. You love that the print looks just like your dog "(insert your dog's name here. Or your best friend's dog's name, or maybe you don't like dogs and you love zebras, imagine that instead.)". You flick on your super cool concrete lamp that all your friends always ask about and light your Malin and Goetz tobacco candle. You love the intoxicating layers of chestnut, honey, bourbon, vanilla and ylang ylang that begin to fill your home. Plus it's an added bonus that these babies burn for 60 hours, that's one full hour of 'me-time' every day for 2 months! You settle in and begin to read.

After a while, the mystery person that cleaned and baked for you arrives. They say that they want to take you on a walk - aw! You get up and put on your Rains jacket, purple (or red) Obbaki scarf, slip on your Instance socks and get back into your Natives. You step outside and your angel friend pulls out his/her Stanley flask and offers you a sip of whisky (or maybe you hate drinking and it's hot chocolate). Wow, this person must truly be an angel. You walk around together in the brisk autumn air while making jokes and pointing at squirrels. 


You turn the corner, and suddenly your friend whips out two plane tickets. That's right - You're heading to Vegas, baby!


Okay, I didn't know how to end the story but you get the picture! Come in and visit us to check out all the fun, cozy items that were described and maybe find something else that could make an autumn evening even cosier than I could imagine. 

To lovers of the 'coze',
-Lauren (inspired by Fall and Iris)


Fitzsimmons Native Shoes - $108
Glerup Slippers - $90-$100
Areaware Animal Pillow - $27-$42
Concrete Lamp + Bulb - $48+$27
Malin + Goetz 9oz Candle - $59.90
Rains Jacket - $110-$135
Obbaki Scarf - $29
Instance socks - $11-$37.50
Stanley Flask 8oz - $32.90
Tickets to Las Vegas - Priceless?

 If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 

Bienvenue Mon Petit! October 09 2014

Bonjour, oui oui, baguette. That's the extent of my french language skills. 

I'm kidding, I'm pretty sure I could at least ask where the bathroom is. Why are we speaking french you ask? Because Mon Petit Art just arrived! So get your children ready to say bonjour to this awesomely creative line of kid's activities. 

Mon Petit Art introduces art to children through creative toys and imaginative activities. All of their products are manufactured within the European Union and take special care to make sure that their certified materials come from durably managed forests. I would say you can sleep at night purchasing these products but I'm sure your kids will be keeping you up anyways. 

"Discover Paris, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Barcelona and London in 3D and and in miniature, designed by Mon Petit Art artists. 3D Color City is an artistic experience for the grown-ups and a design object for the adults." (It's fun to colour these in too!)

"Here is a very original colouring set. Once coloured, the precut sheets will fit easily into the support’s slots to create wonderful scenes with a striking and magical 3D effect.  All the sheets are interchangeable and the support can be coloured as well."


"An Origami kit with beautiful papers, printed on both sides. The folding with wonderful color harmonies and metallic or fluo effect, will allow to create amazing origami figures! Leaflet 16 pages inside with lots of models to be done."

"This colouring book comes with dozens of beautiful stickers, that are to be stuck on the wonderful drawings, wherever kids like or on the dedicated sites."

"A unique construction experience, that will inspire children and adults to criss-cross wood and to invent amazing geometrical structures and wonderful wefts." (Weft is a threading technique that I had to google)

"Kids will be inspired to create amazing architectural designs with these large-scale construction set. With friends, family or on their own, whether it’s a hut, a theater, a playhouse, or a cube. All the pieces are in rigid cardboard. The pack is a convenient cardboard suitcase, easy for putting away or carrying out."


We also had a really cool line of fabric wall stickers come in from Love Mae. They make a cute addition to any room and are easily removable for you vagabonds. Because of the range of sizes, you can use them anywhere from your laptop to the entire wall of your child's room (assuming your children trust your design choices, which they should if this is what you've decided to decorate with). 





Assorted Mon Petit Art items - $12 - $122
Assorted Love Mae fabric stickers - $15 - $72

If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries.