For the "Needs a Break" Mom May 09 2017

Some mums out there really do it all. They work it solo for themselves, and turn around and make it work for all those around them. Those ones that sometimes just really need to pause and take a breather - smell the flowers, moms. 

Here are a few gift ideas for those busy bee super-moms. These items in the shop will get your eye lids falling with relaxation just from the sight. 

Bare Skin Bar // new in shop and new to you! made with effective and simple ingredients, up your baths with these bath bombs that don't need glitter to be restoring & beautiful aesthetically. calming, softening, and restoring bars in shop. 

Wild Hill Botanicals // locally harvested and mixed - all organic ingredients. soaks, scrubs, oils, etc.
in shop: northwest meadow soak, northwest forest soak, coconut milk bath, four flowers body oil, salish seaweed salt scrub, sweet orange & honey sugar scrub, vanilla & almond lip balm, honey & myrrh facial mask, remedy salve & room spray (not pictured)

Happy Spritz // refreshing, moisturizing, rejuvenating facial spritz for every occasion. 
in shop: good karma, good morning beautiful, sweet dreams darling, namaste ninja, breathe deeply, run sweat recover.

Little Box of Rocks // looking for something unique? as physical healing is important, healing on the inside is just as important. these crystal bouquets are like flower bouquets but beautifully presented healing crystals for certain occasions - reminders of our greatest qualities.
in shop: affinity (friendship), warrior (strength), wildfire (success), wildflower (new journeys) 

Plenty + Spare soap // beautifully made soaps with local and sustainable ingredients. scents that make your mouth drool (although not recommended for ingesting) these soaps are so yummy! 

Woodlot // pure essential oil blend candles hand poured locally! in recyclable glass and none of those nasty chemicals. 
eco-friendly palo santo incense sticks harvested from naturally fallen branches off palo santo trees in Equador. sister to sage and known as "Holy Wood". also good to ward of mosquitos! 

Hibi // incense with matchstick tendencies made in japan! come with eight sticks and a fire proof mat. simply light, place on the mat, and enjoy. individual scents, as well as gift box with multiple scents in store.

Just a little bit of our aromatherapy and olfactory pleasing items in the shop for those wonderful people we get to call our mums (+ mother figures, always same-same).

Come by and get a whiff, as photos don't do justice. x

Welcome to Walrus, Hollow Tree 1871! January 24 2017

Inspired by the 800 year old landmark in Stanley Park, Vancouver - a Western Red Cedar tree - Hollow Tree was born. 

A former forester discovered her passion for trees through the sanctuary and inspiration they provide and the many different scents they give off. Years of exploring the forests of British Columbia, her stories and experiences inspired her to create four series of five different scents. Each candle has a unique name and story - binding it to the particular series - as her packaging is just as important as the scent.

Hollow Tree scents are distilled in Grasse, France by the master parfumerie. Grasse is where scent originated creating blends for aristocrats and royalty since the 17th century. Each scent is inspired by the aromas of pacific northwest forests and hand-poured in a studio in Whistler, B.C. Using a proprietary blend of coconut wax and the finest cotton wicks, these candles have a burning time of up to 60 hours. Each candle is placed in a custom made ceramic container - designed to glow and represent life in The Pacific Northwest - Hollow Tree's muse. 

We offer a beautiful selection from the series: 1871, Backpacker, Library of Trees, Botanical | $42  
Coconut wax, cotton wick, ceramic container, up to 60 hour burn time


We're excited to have you Tobias! 

'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night... November 03 2014

The nights are getting longer everyone! I hope you were able to change your clocks back without getting "If I could turn back time" by Cher stuck in your head, or at least remembered before you had to leave for work this morning.

With the days being so short (and the weather being so wet), many of us are passing on the idea of going outside after work and opt for the warmth of a cozy living room, or kitchen, or an underground library if you're Batman. I find when the nights are long that it's a great time to get personal things done like art projects, organizing, cataloging your dog's extensive toy collection - things that you normally wouldn't have time for. For me, it's a great time to get writing done, but like any great writer I require the preliminary procrastination of setting up "my space" so I feel comfortable enough to stare at all the nice things around me when I get a block (which is quite often). It's a moody and contemplative kind of month, especially with Starbucks constantly reminding us that Christmas is two entire months away, and I like having a space that reflects that. I've taken a some of my favourite pieces from the store and have compiled a list of a current dream space, perfect for the month of November. 


Bronze Antler Candlesticks

Modern and rustic, these babies are the perfect accompaniment to a big glass of wine and the yellowed pages of a well-loved classic - or they'd make a great replacement candlestick in the boardgame Clue (they're heavy!). Cast from real whitetail deer antlers, they look strikingly beautiful in any room. 


Owl Lamp

The owl is an ancient symbol of wisdom and intuition, and if that's not enough to inspire you, they are known to be very cute as well. This ceramic light casts a warm glow and won't eat your trail mix like a real owl would. 


Workman's Lantern

Okay, so lighting is important to me. Nothing sets the mood to write like lots and lots and lots of candles. This lantern in particular has a nifty hinged door, allowing you to insert any candle you'd like. 


Batle Studio Graphite Sculptures

various shapes, click here for details

Now this is a writing utensil. Batle studios from San Francisco sculpts graphite and seals it in a way that never rubs off on your hands, only onto paper. The beautiful and intricate designs come in different sizes, and every box is signed by the artist who sculpted it. It's a great gift for someone who has everything, as each of these are one of kind. 


Midori Traveler's Notebook

No dream writing room would be complete without something to write on! Made in Japan, the Midori notebook has a vegetable-tanned leather cover, with replaceable and various notebook inserts. The leather is meant to last and take on character the more you use it. 


Ok, the scene is set. Now to get over this writer's block..



Bronze Antler Candlestick - $72-$85
Owl Lamp - $165
Workman's Lantern (round) - $65
Batle Studio Graphite Sculpture - $22-$82
Midori Traveler's Notebook - $59.90

If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries.