Stylin' Dad // June 15 2016

some fun father's day gift ideas that dad can wear -

comfort, style, and ease- three things we like to look for when shopping for clothing and accessories. with a mix of local and international brands, we've got casual pieces for those dads who love to look good. 

instance socks // braun watch // cursor & thread bow ties // native shoes // ole tees

Native Fall/Winter 2013 October 22 2013

We couldn't resist taking our Natives out for a walk today. The latest styles and colours are so fresh that they have barely had the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing weather that has been giving us the nicest autumnal hug this year.

While the boots feel right at home in the warm light and bright leaves they also know that the rainy season might still be around the corner - but they have no fear. Being waterproof and seamless Native boots are the best protection against a rainy day. They are just as light and comfortable as their summer cousins with the added benefits of warmth and rain resistance. New styles this year include the Jimmy Mid which is cropped at the ankle and easy to slip on as well as the Jimmy Winter which is lined for cushioning and warmth.


Jimmy Child $60

Jimmy Junior $72

Fitzsimmons $108

Jimmy Mid $108

Jimmy Winter $124


Welcome, Komono October 17 2013


We are happy to introduce you to Komono, a line of accessories created by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes.The Komono manifesto, or Komonism expresses a wish to bring some colour into life and to tickle the senses by making retro-futuristic designs of accessory pieces. The Wizard Print Series has a nice tickle to it with its prism of patterns. While the prints are bold the style is classic which helps to subdue the burst of pattern into a sleek and stylish accent. The hardware is encased in a matte metal frame with stainless steel back, has Japenese quartz movement and leather accents.