while the name PAPIER might lend you to think it's made of paper, it's not. launched at Paris Fashion Week last year, these travel bags and wallets are made of Tyvek.   “Tyvek is just like paper but without the negative aspects,” says Stefan (co-designer and husband to Saskia),“It’s water resistant, long lasting and won’t tear—yet still has the appearance, foldability and crinkly sound of paper. Like paper, it’s also a very patient material.”
the pieces will take on a beautiful 'crumpled up paper' look with wear.  but don't let dissuade you, the material is incredibly robust, lightweight and recyclable. 

just look at the work that goes into each bag, beautiful.

silk screening the Tyvek


attaching the zipper


notice the new versus the used pieces in the photo above?

read more about this inspirational couple here:  http://stefan-diez.com/files/download-surface-Magazine-2010.pdf, it's a worthwhile read.

PAPIER by saskia diez won the Designpreis Deutschland 2010.
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