Established in 2008 by the creative minds of industrial and graphic designers in Zurich, Switzerland. In the search for a bag that bridges the gap between functional sports bags and elegant fashion bags, QWSTION was born. Designed with the modern metropolitan individual and his demand for mobility and flexibility in mind led to products that are for everyday use - "work just as well on a bicycle as in a business meeting." QWSTION aims for products to be durable, practical, and timeless; continuously evolving their collections. 

Generally using as environmentally friendly materials as possible. Shell materials include hemp, linen, and cotton, with water-repellent coatings so you can bring your bag wherever you go. Nylon and cotton for belts and straps with aluminum or steel metal parts. Vegetable tanned leather handles and details darken and get softer with time. The natural materials bring cherished individuality to each piece.

Many of the styles are transformable to be carried in more than one way, which allows everyone to customize their bag the way that's most comfortable for them. 

Weekender // Tote // Backpack // Office // Shopper // Simple Bag // Daytote // Simple Office // Daypack // Toiletry Kit

Weekender // washed grey and washed black

Tote // washed grey and washed black

Backpack // washed grey and washed black

Office // washed grey and washed black

Shopper // washed grey and washed black

Simple Bag // washed grey and washed black

Daytote // washed black, washed grey, organic forest green

Simple Office // washed black and washed grey
Daypack // washed grey, washed black, organic forest green

Toiletry Kit // washed grey and washed black

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