Hope everyone has been surviving and welcoming 2017 with open arms. Can hardly believe we're about half way through January, but that doesn't mean it's too late to reflect & refresh! 

We've created a list of a few things that may help w/ goals & changes for this new year. Check it out!

One thing that can make a space feel fresh and new is the aroma. We're restocked on some Izola incense, and have a few unique items we've recently added.

- Drake General Store's Happy Home Kit is a great way to cleanse your area of all the bad juju from last year. Burning sage is one of the oldest traditions of cleansing or healing a person, group, or space. 
Kit includes: sage smudge stick, golden matchsticks, and an alabaster holder. 

- Missing the smell of your Christmas tree? Soothe your senses with Izola incense.
40 bricks of alder incense with a ceramic burner.
32 cones of red cedar incense with a wooden burner.

- Through the collaboration of two traditional industries - incense of Awaji Island and matches of Harima - Hibi was born! Made in Japan, these adorable incense light just like matches. Light & hold until flame reaches incense part & settles, then place on heat resistant mat. Natural aroma for about 10 minutes.  
Includes: flame resistant mat/tray & 8 Hibi sticks.

Resolutions can be hard and pressuring to stay true to. Setting goals and making slight changes to your routine is maybe a bit easier!

- Bad at sticking to your goals?
The Daruma Wish Doll can keep an eye on your progress. Modelled after the traditional Japanese talisman, set a goal or make a wish and fill in one eye to display your intention. The other eye is there as a constant reminder & to "watch" until you reach your goal and fill in the eye as a symbol of your success. 

- Get more organized or start keeping a journal this year!
Traveler's Notebook is perfect to carry w/ you and document. Handmade leather & a plethora of add ins. Also in passport size. 
Need to keep track of your busy schedule? Moleskine offers a wide variety of planners and notebooks to help with that. 

- Speaking of travelling... We all could do some more travelling this year! Good thing we have the perfect travel guide - the victionary. 60 leading local creatives from each city collaborate to highlight numerous recommendations.
Cities available: Amsterdam, London, New York, Hong Kong, Portland, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona 

- One thing I say I can improve on every year is... DRINK MORE WATER. Swell bottles make it easier. Keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. 'Nuff said. 
Also go paperless this year! Do your part in helping save the environment by adding some reusability into your life. The amazing Espro Travel Press (the press can be removed), Sagaform's porcelain w/ silicone lid travel mug, or JOCO glass coffee/tea cup.

- Trade in your phone alarm for a real alarm clock! Put your phone away from your sleeping head. We have a variety of Braun clocks - digital and analog. Simple, classic, perfect. 

Let's hear about your goals, resolutions, & hopes for this year. Bring it on, 2017! xo
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