new // stay safe and be seen October 19 2016

bookman creates accessories for all people who travel outside, day or night. providing minimal but effective ways to make sure that people are safe while remaining stylish. formed by 5 friends living in sweden, these five were inspired by the busy bike life of urban europe where cycling is a much better alternative for skipping through traffic as well as staying economically friendly. their aim is to inspire more style-conscious people to see that travelling by bike is a way of life that combines style, convenience, fun, and design.

available in multiple colours, we carry a variety of lights and reflectors that will help you be safe and be seen. 

usb light // elastic rubber band to easily attach to bags, handles, zippers, and more. super bright, compact, and easy to turn on and off. rechargeable by usb. water-resistant to combat rain, hail, or snow. 

curve light // available for back or front. high-powered front light that attaches with elastic silicone band, curved design allows it to fit to handlebars perfectly. rechargeable by usb.

clip-on reflectors // clip these onto your clothing, dog collar, bicycle basket, or any other item. strong magnets provide secure bond to any of your items.

sticky reflectors // high visibility reflecting film that can be attached to any hard surface, including your bike frame, helmet, pedals. available in leopard print and dots- black and silver.