We adore these Little Box of Rocks, and we know you do too. Unique bouquets that live forever - reminding us of our potential and inner light, as well as showing gratitude and appreciation for numerous occasions. These LBOR are so fun and beautiful, and now we have two new bouquets in the shop! 
KARMA (Thank you)
"They say that the fastest way to attract miracles is through the art of gratitude. Infused with the energy of love, luck, and good karma, this healing crystal collection is a thank you gift unlike any other. Return the good Karma to that magnificent soul who has touched your life in a special way and let them know how much they are appreciated. Look at you go, Picasso…"
"Containing crystals for good health, this healing crystal collection makes the perfect get-well gift for that special someone who’s been feeling under the weather. Send a little warm and tingly Sunlight to that radiant soul-seeker in your life who could benefit from some sunny words of encouragement, and watch as you become the brightest star in their solar system."
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