one of the things that stands out about these pieces is the use of natural materials.  take these 'cement pearls':

"...modeled on classic pearl studs, each concrete sphere is cast by hand and set onto a sterling silver post. with wear, the colour of the earrings will deepen as the concrete is exposed to the air and the oils from your skin." beautiful.

"the name Metsa comes from the Estonian phrase “minu väike metsa maja”, which means “my little house in the forest.”

when I was young my grandfather and I built a tree fort on a small property they owned north of toronto. when I started this company, I decided on the name Metsa not only because it reminds me of my grandfather but becasue it is the only word in the phrase that is pronounced virtually the same in Estonian and English. every item represents our belief that a piece’s value comes from its narrative; how it was made, who created it, why, and how it is worn."

made of red clay, these pieces are so lovely...and have been recently featured in this month's vancouver magazine.  designed and handmade right here in our neighbourhood. 

again, made here in vancouver these resin pieces are punchy and heaps of fun. 
available in store in celery, ivory and smoke; we have earrings and necklaces too.

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