we are huge fans of this beautifully made collection.  the pieces are made in a farm house in the black forest - i think that fact alone makes it even better.  the craftsmanship and packaging are excellent.

the scale of this board is fantastic - measuring out at 800 x 210 x 22mm it's available in light oak and smoked oak. if that's too big, then we also have them in 290 x 120 x 22mm.

i love this beautifully shaped weck jar - completely seals too.

oh this bowl.  what can i say, it's perfect.

 another board option is this set: the dish allows you to rub parmesan, garlic, ginger...right onto it - see where the rings are? 

 available in light and smoked oak, the dish is available in black and white and the board in narrow and wide.

part of the 'dance of the glass' series, i think it's quite breathtaking.

this heart shaped cushion is filled with cherry pits. place in the oven, microwave, or freezer and it acts as a warming or cooling pad.  you can also heat it and put it in the bottom of your basket of bread to help keep them warm.

*sweet story: a client bought this for her daughter as she heads off to university for the first time....
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