here we go again, boasting about our local talent. here are a few beautiful options for that person in your life who could always do with some added bling. 

hand stitched, leather wraps with sterling silver clasps

glass beaded bracelets and necklace with sterling silver tips. no 2 are alike!

god's eyes with sterling silver chains

portrait pendant of Sandford Fleming. walnut, oxidized silver, and gold finish....

Agnes Macphail, Walt Whitman (available in cufflinks as well), Emily Bronte, Jane Austen and Secretariat (first Canadian horse to win the Kentucky Derby).  perfect for the literary type/history buff..

brand new in store - beautiful gold fill earrings and necklaces, handmade of clay

sterling silver 'paper' airlplanes

gold plated 'more than words can say' and 'la place' series (longitude and latitude of big cities!)

loads more in store....xo

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