we love it when these guys have new things to share with us. look how simple and beautiful these are....

"Inspired by a recent visit to the desert in California we wanted to create a serene little pot of unusual shapes and textures. Although prickly, these lil guys are modern and simple, and super striking for a little nook in your home. On a bookshelf, by the kitchen sink, or even in a bathroom. As long as they receive about 3 hours of bright open light they will be happy and care is a cinch. Sources say they need watering about twice a month, but I haven't watered ours more than once a year and it is super happy. Regardless, cacti like to dry out well between watering, then receive a good drink that runs through the pot. Remember the number one cause of cactus death is over-watering!"

for more information about aloe designs, a.k.a world reclaimed, and their work:  http://www.nestingjournal.com/nesting/
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