As a kid, getting a little box of rocks might not sound so appealing. Or maybe I'm thinking of coal... As for these creative, magical, and thoughtful Little Box of Rocks, they come to you as a gift and leave you full of inspiration and warmth. Every minuscule detail is there for a reason - bringing connection, insight, and positivity to each lucky recipient, as well as the sender. This unique way of sending well-wishes through a bouquet of stunning healing crystals is now homed here at walrus.

The different idea may be a little hard to grasp for some, so let me break it down for you here... 
Little Box of Rocks was created by a Canada-native mother of three inspired by her father, mother, and the beauty of Northern Ontario's rocky terrain. Based in Winnipeg, LBOR is like a flower shop, but with healing crystals and herbs presented in a beautiful eco-friendly way. Offering various bouquets for many different occasions, the people of LBOR believe every gift should have a resonating meaning between sender and recipient.

Based on an ancient tradition, each bouquet acts as a modern-day talisman. Talisman traditions have been carried out in history all over the world in countries such as ancient Rome and Japan. There are talisman objects used as reminders of a intention or goal by its owner, or ones to inspire spiritual wellness. The healing crystals placed in every Little Box of Rocks bouquet are believed to carry and give off different special energies. All crystals are reiki infused by a certified practitioner prior to setting. Reiki infusion is believed to enhance the already existing properties of crystals and offer strength and empowerment to its owner & his or her intentions or goals. 

In the shop we have a great selection from Little Box of Rocks beautiful collection. Every crystal bouquet includes:

  • Wooden gift box hand-wrapped in black satin ribbon
  • Four theme appropriate crystals (and herbs in select bouquets) in a muslin, hand-stamped sachet
  • Black envelope and personalized letter on fine linen paper
  • Keepsake card outlining the meaning of the bouquet
  • A secret message written by the sender, presented on a sealed scroll

AFFINITY (Friendship)

"Carrying the warm and fiercely loyal energy of sweet Affinity, this bouquet was created in honor of the truest of friendships. Give this box to the keeper of your secrets, the crafter of your fibs, and that kind and gentle spirit who fills your heart like no one else can."

WARRIOR (Strength)

"Carrying the energy of the titan warrior, this bouquet is the perfect gift for those who exhibit tenacity, persistence, and strength. Send a little secret weapon to that spirited someone who consistently meets life’s obstacles with a sense of poise and grace, and inspires you to do the same. Charge!"

WILDFIRE (Success) 

"Carrying the energy of the ferocious wildfire, this bouquet is the perfect gift for those who burn with the flame of passionate ambition. Send a little Wildfire to that remarkable individual who radiates positive energy, dreams fearlessly, and inspires you to do the same. After all, even the most ferocious wildfires, from time to time, need a little fanning of their flames. Sizzle, crackle, pop…"

WILDFLOWER (New Journeys)

"Offering courage, protection, and wisdom, this bouquet celebrates the hope of new beginnings, making it a truly thoughtful and unique gift for those embarking on any kind of New Journey. Send the Wildflower to the adventurer in your life, and plant yourself in their heart forever."

Truly adore this unique eco-friendly gift idea. Just in time for Mother's Day coming up! Also perfect for any time someone special in your life deserves something sweet as a reminder of their strength, admiration for their success or new journeys, or appreciation for their friendship. 

Stop by the shop to see and feel the stunning crystals and presentation in person! 
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