revolutionize the way you store your food with this natural beeswax wrap. keep your food fresh for longer and stop producing waste from one-use plastic wraps. they breathe while keeping air and moisture out, and they inspire users to have a healthier relationship with food. #wrapwashreuse

these are super easy to use, clean, and will last you one year or longer. 


small // 6 wraps- perfect for half avocados, cucumber ends and wrapping up cookies for afternoon snacks.
medium // 3 wraps- preserve herbs, create pouches for trail mix and cover leftovers.
large // 2 wraps- wrap sandwiches; keep cauliflower fresh, lettuce crisp or your rising dough covered
giant // 1 wrap- easily tackle an artisan loaf of bread, head of celery or lettuce and taking casserole dishes to your loved ones
variety // 3 wraps (small, medium, large)- wrap bunches of carrots, keep mushrooms firm and cover a charcuterie plate.

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