we're so happy to share this with you.  if you remember's last year's gardening seminars put on by the talented aloe designs, here they are again with a new medium....

"A friendly neighbour wanted to unload his age-old Grolsch bottles on us, when he overheard Owen was going to attempt to make beer with his buddy. ‘Attempt’ being the operative word. The beer sucked. In fact it resembled murky water with a hint of funky feet. The bottles were then emptied and sat in storage, taking up precious room. Later that week, a friend at Terra Nova Schoolyard mentioned he was looking for some glass bottles to make cider from the apple trees at the kids garden. In exchange for the bottles, he wanted to find a home for a stack of old wood chair tops that were taking up precious room in his storage. The barter was made and an idea was born. Not to mention, the Grolsch bottles were much happier with their new tenant and the cider kicked our sad beer’s ass.

The seats were then cut to free form shapes, sanded down to smooth raw pacific oak and then oiled up. O was able to produce 24 in the series- all individually handcrafted with love, a little bit of sunshine & snow, and good tuneage from the ipod didn't hurt.

Think housewarming gift with a baguette in hand and some yummy gooey cheese. Nice work my handy creative guy. Could a new side career be brewing?"  - we hope so! 

great story and these pieces are going swiftly...don't say we didn't warn you!  xo

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